We are now engaged in providing our clients with a high quality and low cost products.

We take pride in assisting our clients with a smooth and reliable transaction.

我们提供客户高质量, 低成本的产品。


3C Digital / 3C数码


A swedish lifestyle house providing accessories for mobile electronics to every corner of the world.

A case of Swedish design.

The Swedes. Known for their unmistakably passion for great design and genuine craftsmanship. Design that stands out, but never at the cost of function or smartness.
With that mind-set we have produced bags and cases for portable electronics since 1991. Today, as well as then, we put great importance in quality, design and the small details that make the big difference.

Thanks to our own production facilities we can guarantee the entire chain, from drawing board to store shelves. And when put into your hands, you will feel the spirit of timeless style.

Krusell Production

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A case of Swedish Design - The Talk

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Clothing Shoe Bag / 服装鞋包

EOWYN 歐文時尚

Textile Chemical / 家纺日化

Sporting Goods / 运动用品


G-Form has created the most protective and functional consumer electronic cases and sporting equipment. Watch our athletes compete in BMX, longboarding, mountainbiking, BASE jumping and More! Check out the latest reviews and insane tech videos showing off our protective cases for the most popular phones and tablets including iPhones and iPads.

Find out more about the technology behind G-Form and our unique innovative approach to extreme impact protection. Our athletic products feature unique hinging and molding, which allow athletes the ultimate freedom and flexibility when pushing themselves to the limits. Our low-profile RPT™ pads can be easily worn over or under clothing. For electronics, our proprietary molded shapes provide maximum protection in the most convenient form factor.

The G-Form Reactive Protection Technology Video

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G-Form Longboarding Malibu

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Game Agency / 游戏代理

Soft-World / 智冠科技

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Gamania / 游戏橘子

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